DIY Hair Mask / Pre-Poo

Hello lovelies! I introduce to you the inaugural hair post of Teddie's Closet! I've had so many requests for posts on hair and I (finally) had some free time and decided to do a small one. This is a really easy hair mask that you can use before washing your hair or just to add some extra shine.

What You'll Need (and no, we're not making a salad dressing):

2 tablespoons of honey (I used raw, unprocessed honey)
1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar
1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil

The recipe is easy enough, just combine the ingredients in a bowl or cup. (You might want to double the recipe if you have longer or more difficult hair).

Apply the mixture to dry, unwashed hair. Start at the roots and finger comb it to the ends of your hair. You can also use a wide-tooth comb if your hair isn't as tightly coiled as mine.

If you have any of the mixture left over, you could soak your ends so they get a double whammy of the pre-poo goodness. You might get a bit sticky during this process so I suggest you do it over a sink, in the bathtub or outside so you don't get it all over the floor as well.

Throw your hair into a messy bun and find something to do for 30 to 60 minutes (might I suggest a cup of tea and a Doctor Who episode?). I left mine in for 45 minutes. Finally, rinse out the mixture with warm water, wash with your favourite moisturizing shampoo and condition. If you use conditioner to wash your hair, that's fine, just follow your regular wash routine.

This pre-poo protects hair from harsh shampoos and leaves hair soft and silky.
TA-DA! Here are the after photos (hair dried and oiled):

Please note that I am not a hair specialist and these are just personal hair care tips that I follow. How was that for my first hair post? If you have any recommendations/concerns please leave a comment and I'll respond as soon as possible. Also, let me know if you've tried this or if you plan to!

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