Jolie Lipsticks Review and Swatches - Merlot and Flaming Fuchsia!

Hello lovelies! I hope you didn't mind the mini-hiatus Teddie's Closet went on last month! I'm back with a new easy-to-read layout and some wonderful new content for my amazing readers. Yes, you!

The wonderful team at Jolie Lipsticks gave me two products to review for you all so sit back and enjoy! Jolie Lipsticks is a brand that produces lipsticks and recently lip glosses for customers that aren't afraid to stand out. The products are Paraben free, made of organic materials and are not tested on animals.

Firstly let's talk about the packaging: the lipsticks come in gorgeous tubes featuring the Jolie Lipsticks logo and a clear top to make storage and lipstick selection really easy.

The gorgeous shades I was given are Merlot (left) and Flaming Fuchsia (right). 

I've been lusting after Merlot for quite some time now but procrastinated in buying it so you can only imagine my excitement when I received it to review! Merlot is a gorgeous deep violety-brown colour (slightly comparable to NYX's Bruised) that is perfect for a night out partying if you want to give yourself that extra edge. It is quite a daring colour so I wouldn't recommend it to a lipstick newbie but if you think you can rock it, then rock on! I wouldn't recommend this colour if you're really pale (unless that's the look you're going for) because I found that it drained some colour from my face. I didn't get a chance to actually wear this lipstick but I am definitely looking forward to it.

Flaming Fuchsia is a bright pink with blue undertones that really makes a statement. I wore this colour to the movies with some friends and I felt like it really popped, highlighting my skin tone and making my smile appear much brighter. I think the colour is flexible and can suit almost any skin tone. The lipstick lasted a good four hours (including me snacking on a pretzel dog) so there's definitely good wear time.

Pros: Vibrant colours that only require three coats to reach full opacity, great packaging, affordable, lasts up to 4 hours and still looks good after eating.

Cons: I found that the lipstick was a bit flimsy so I suggest using a lip brush to apply it and avoid rolling it up any more than you need to in case the stick breaks. This of course is attributed to the extra creamy texture of the lipstick and the heat in Barbados.

I definitely recommend this brand of lipsticks and encourage you to check out the Jolie Lipsticks website to see what colours suit you. Information is below, have a great day and feel free to leave a comment!

Jolie Lipsticks Website
Jolie Lipsticks Facebook Page
Jolie Lipsticks on Instagram

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