OOTD - Mystic (+ New Piercing!)

Hello, my wonderful viewers! First let me say Happy Holidays to everyone! Yes, I know - I know! I haven't posted in almost three months and it's only fair that I give you guys an explanation.
As those of you that have read my previous posts would know, I've started taking my school work a lot more seriously. This epiphany of mine has stuck me in a rut as I almost have no free time to do the things I enjoy the most (e.g. - blogging). This Christmas vacation, I've had so much free time that I didn't know what to do with myself so I figured it was time to jump back on the blogosphere so - here I am! Now I'm fully aware that come next week Monday school will be on my mind and exams around the corner but I also think a balance is called for and if I can't manage my time enough to write a weekly post then I really need to sort out my priorities...

Today's OOTD features a really simple outfit. One size fits all leggings, a sheer navy blue top (thrifted) and my cross-hatched booties from Cotton On. This isn't something I'd wear everyday in the tropics but on a rainy day or to the movies  why not? Since the top is sheer, I'm wearing a black bandeau underneath it.

I'm not wearing any makeup in these photos so nothing to comment on there. My hair is flat ironed and plait-out to give it that wavy look. I finally got my Ecote Solid Canvas Backpack from Urban Outfitters in the colour Bright Green. If you're interested in buying it, it's currently on sale for US$29.99

As you can probably see from the close-ups above, I got a new piercing! I got my left tragus pierced and I love it to death. I got it done with a needle and the jewelry is a 16g black labret with a small stone in it. It was the most inconspicuous I could find. It wasn't unbearably painful, only as the piercer was wriggling in the jewelry. I'd rate it a 3/5. It's my favourite piercing so far and I'm going to take extra care of it as to reduce the healing time. My only concern about the piercing is school. The schools in Barbados are very strict about things that promote individuality (piercings, tattoos, hair dye, etc.) so I'm going to have to invent some hairstyles to hide it until I can find a clear labret or something to make it less noticeable. Any ideas on hair styles I can try? (Wearing my hair down is not really an option as it transforms into a lion's mane and that's obviously not allowed either)

Anyways, thanks so much for putting up with my inconsistent posts (I promise that there are more to come) and have a great day!


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