OOTD - We're beautiful like diamonds.. In the sky.

Happy Weekend everyone! It has been an extremely hectic week for me which is why I haven't posted anything in a while (eventually I'll learn to balance leisure and school work, don't worry!)

Today's OOTD features a white collared button up blouse, high-waisted shorts as seen in this post, a plaited brown belt with feathers at the end of it, brown lace up ankle boots and white lace trim ankle socks. 

Obviously, socks and ankle boots aren't practical for a tropical Saturday afternoon so I traded them in for some sandals after taking these photos. I survived the third week of school! Luckily, this weekend all I have to do is an 1000 word essay (does anyone know anything about Shakespeare's Twelfth Night? I'm not opposed to some help with this!). Hopefully with two days to do it, I'll have time to do some extra studying and spend some time on myself. I mean, obviously, school work is really important but it's just.. so constricting.

As you can see here, my cat wants to be a model. For those who don't know her, this is my cat and her name is Pond after the character Amelia Pond on Doctor Who. SPEAKING OF WHICH THE MID-SEASON FINALE IS COMING OUT TONIGHT AND THE STATUE OF LIBERTY IS AN ANGEL AND THE PONDS LEAVE. I CAN'T CONTAIN MY EMOTIONS OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG
....umm, sorry.
The way I feel about Doctor Who is actually quite obsessive. I'm a huge geek.
Is anyone here a Doctor Who fan? Let's be BFFs!
What do you think of this post?
What can I do to improve this outfit?
Leave a comment below!


  1. OMGOSHH I'm a huge DR Who fan. Love the outfit btw :)


    1. oh that's so awesome! I'm your newest follower as of... now! Are you excited for tonight's episode?

      thanks btw! x

  2. Wow this is so cute! Wheres your belt from??
    Erica xo


    1. sorry, I actually don't know :( it was a gift! if I find anything like it online I'll be sure to let you know!

      oh and I love your blog! x

  3. Cute outfit! I'm glad I found your blog, its super cute!


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