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Have you ever had something you really wanted to express but tattooing it to your forehead seemed a bit irrational? Well Button Babe Bim has fun and quirky buttons which can do just that! It's a great way to promote your views, express your beliefs or proclaim your fandoms! 
My custom-ordered "Island MYST" button alongside a Barbados flag button pinned to my Le Pliage Hobo bag.  
Cassie at Button Babe Bim was awesome enough to choose me to help promote her buttons, which meant I got to select two for myself! I e-mailed her and placed an order for custom-made "Island MYST" and "SuperWhoLock" buttons because those are two things I feel very strongly toward.
I wore my custom-ordered "SuperWhoLock" button.
My other buttons.
I bought three other buttons, featuring Peter Capaldi of Doctor Who, the phrase "Feminism is for Everyone", a Barbados flag! She even threw in a "Button Babe Bim" pin! I urge you to check them out on Facebook. The buttons are also extremely affordable - BBD$3.50 for one and BBD$10 for three!


I'm wearing NYX's Soft Matte Lip Cream in "Copenhagen" brushed on very lightly so the colour isn't too harsh. This has easily become one of my favourite lip colours.

Also, you might notice that my ears are now stretched to a 6g. I went to Terry at WSalons at The Bridge Street Mall - definitely the place to go for body modification in Barbados. They're very professional and friendly. It was moderately painful because they had to be stretched to a 4g to fit the flared ends of the jewellery I'm wearing but nothing too unbearable.

Thank you for reading and if you have any questions about Button Babe Bim (or anything actually) feel free to send me a Facebook message or DM me on Twitter!

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