Thea's Adventures: Denver

Today I ventured to the beautiful city of Denver with my godmother and her two sons. It was my first time in Denver and we visited the Chihuly exhibition at the Denver Botanic Gardens (Open until November 30th, 2014). The sculptures, ranging in size and shape are made of glass and added bold colours to the garden's beauty. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera so the photos of the exhibition you're seeing were taken by my awesome godmother, Becci Matheson.

The artwork was really amazing and each piece inspired more awe than the one before it. At the Botanic Gardens there was this Tropical plant collection that we walked through and it was so hilarious to see people interested in and taking photos of plants I literally have in my backyard. I assume that's the way people reacted to my amazement at an apple tree. 

 My outfit today was really casual; a dark grey heathered tank top, boyfriend jeans, embellished snakeskin sandals and a snakeskin belt. I also wore a white cardigan because I'm still adjusting to the temperature in Colorado (even though I've been here a whole week now!) We got caught in the rain and had to get these gorgeous Chihuly-branded umbrellas. I love how colourful they are on the underside!

Myself and my two troublesome godbrothers
Afterwards, we went to Next Door Union Station for lunch. The atmosphere was amazing and the decor featured a revived sign from a 1950's Union Station restaurant that I thought amped up the vibe.
These Kale Chips were awesome!

I like Hummus, who knew? Also, this flatbread is to die for.

Thank's so much for reading my "Thea's Adventures" post. I'm really enjoying sharing my trip with my readers and I hope you guys aren't getting too annoyed with my lack of OOTD and Reviews (Let's count this post as a mini-OOTD 'cause I showed you what I wore). Please feel free to leave a comment, I'll reply to you as soon as possible!

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  1. This is absolutely amazing, I love the sculptures!!
    Jade x


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