OOTD: Thinking Out Loud

Today's OOTD was not planned (as usual). I'm wearing a black cami from Forever 21, an animal print skirt from H&M, Batman socks that I borrowed from a friend and black platform boots from a store in Bridgetown. 

I'm also wearing a blue crystal pendant. 

My bag is from American Eagle. It's one of my favourites because even though it looks small, it carries a lot (like these onions I purchased from this local vendor or my MacBook Air). I must apologise for the quality of the photos. I took them with my iPhone (because this outfit, as I said, was not planned). I've been creating a lot of spur-of-the moment outfits that I find cute so bear with me! 
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  1. Cute outfit. I am a big fan of the boots.

  2. Love the outfit! The boots and the skirt are my favorites :D
    Jade x


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