Lipsticks: Plums

Fall is creeping up on us and everyone knows that deeper plum-toned shades are usually really popular for the season. I'm going to do a short swatch and review of the plum shades I own (Finally! A beauty post!).

Firstly, one of my favourites is MAC's "Heaux," a limited edition matte-berry from the RiRi Hearts MAC Summer collection. The "retro matte" formula of this lipstick allows the longest wear imaginable. I can go a whole night out (drinks and snacks included) with only one touch up!

Secondly, my most recent lipstick purchase, a shade that I have wanted for quite a while is MAC's "Rebel". The satin finished shade is a berry red and is ever so slightly frosted, it is in the permanent range of MAC's lipsticks. It has a stronger berry tone and is less red and more purple than "Heaux" but they are pretty similar. I love the vanilla scent of MAC's lipsticks because it makes them extremely enjoyable to wear.

NYX Cosmetic's Extra Creamy Round Lipstick in "Medusa". Medusa is a creamy violet shade with a shimmery frosted finish. This was my first purple lipstick purchase when I was just starting out with makeup. I won't go as far to say that I love this one because honestly, I haven't worn it in years and it's gotten quite clumpy (as you can see in the photo). If creamy lipsticks are your thing, I'd definitely try this shade as well as "Bruised" from the same line. Bruised is a darker violet colour with a creamy finish and has gotten more wear time from me overall.

NYX's Soft Matte Lip Cream in "Copenhagen." A gorgeous dark-berry that could compliment any skin tone. I love this product! The soft matte lip creams have always been one of my favourite formulas but this was the first one I tried in a darker shade and I love it. The wear time is incredible, it glides on extremely smooth and dries to the perfect matte finish.

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