Trend: Floral Headbands and Crowns

A new accessory trend has finally hit Barbados! Making its statement in Spring of 2013 and becoming all the rage during the music festival season, floral headbands are perfect for our bright, sunny days.

These adorable accessories are perfect for the tropical weather here in Barbados. Wear them to the beach, an outdoor barbecue, a wedding - anywhere you want, actually. I had the opportunity to model some of these super cute headbands by NU 2 U Vintage Boutique. 

Here are some floral headband styling tips:

  1. Keep your hair wavy/curly/messy - this really adds to the hippy/boho feel these head pieces have. 
  2. Stick to neutral makeup - a soft lip, thin eyeliner, gentle blush - let the head piece be the statement.
  3. Wear it with a relaxed outfit - for example: denims, cute girly dresses or maxi skirts. 

Floral head pieces are inexpensive and easy to make if you're feeling creative! Just head over to YouYube and search for a simple DIY video. 

The pieces modelled were crafted by NU 2 U Vintage Boutique who can be contacted at +1(246)-824-9253. Photography by the amazing Melissa Gibbs. Thank you for reading, comments are welcome as always!


  1. Girl, you are so pretty! Love your hair and the headband looks really cute on you :)
    Jade x


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